10 podcasts to get you through the winter


I LOVE a good podcast. Especially in the car, which is funny because as a pre-teen, I remember riding in my best friend’s dad’s car and absolutely DYING because he listened exclusively to AM radio. Annnnd now, it me. My poor son. Remind me to throw on some JT at the very least for him, okay?

I wanted to share my top ten favorite podcasts right now in case you are looking for something new. I’ve broken it down into categories to make sorting a little easier and I hope there is something in here that interest you! Enjoy!


Call Your Girlfriend | Two besties from opposite sides of the country discuss everything from caftans to politics. Hilarious, inspiring, and whip smart. | Suggested Episode: The Ladyweb


Outside In | From New Hampshire public radio, this is a podcast for anyone who has ever been outdoors. | Suggested Episode: WTF is TFC?

99% Invisible | A podcast about the power of design and architecture, 99PI focuses on the 1%: the unseen, the forgotten, the obscure. Into history and design? This is for you. | Suggested Episode: Cow Tunnels


How I Built This | Ever wonder how ubiquitous brands came to be? HIBT interviews the founders, who break it down from start to finish and divulge all the successes and pitfalls in between. | Suggested Episode: Patagonia

The Goal Digger Podcast | Hosted by marketing guru Jenna Kutcher, this is a podcast if your business is online in any way, shape, or form. Come with a notepad. Every episode is jam-packed with tips. | Suggested episode: 5 big lies that are holding you back

Good Company | A Podcast about creativity and business hosted by Grace Bonney of DesignSponge. Sidenote: I loved her old podcast, After The Jump, as well. | Suggested Episode: Genevieve Gorder on career longevity and reinvention.


The Life Coach School Podcast | By far, the podcast I have learned and gained THE MOST value from over the course of this last year in terms of self-improvement and mental health. Brooke breaks topics down in a way that makes them so easy to understand and APPLY. Best word I have to describe it: LIFE-CHANGING. | Suggested Episode: Fear

The Lively Show | What began as in interview show turned into a show about intuition, law of attraction, and quantum physics. Jess breaks down these topics and shares how you can apply them to your life in order to live a fuller life with less effort. | Suggested episode: What to do when you’re out of alignment.

Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes | Jen Gotch is the founder and creative director of Ban.do and from the outside, seems to have it all. But even successful people struggle and Jen lets us in on hers. This podcast is full of heart and has that “phone call to your best friend” vibe. | Suggested Episode: The MYTH of perfection.


What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law | Love him or hate him, let’s take this season of our country’s politics and learn from it. Roman Mars (99% Invisible) and Elizabeth Joh. Five misutes before “class”, Professor Joh checks Twitter to find out what the 45th president has said and how it jibes with 200 years of judicial branch interpreting and ruling on the constitution. It. Is. SO. INTERESTING. | Suggested Episode: Right to Dissent

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