Rest is not a 4-letter word


When I left to go on my trip to France at the beginning of the month, I had planned to make it a "work trip". I brought a ton of art supplies (much to the displeasure of my already overpacked and overweight suitcase) and thought “I can get so much work done without all my normal distractions!" A part of me also felt like I needed to justify this extravagant trip with work in order to "earn my keep", as it were.

Not only did literally every mode of transportation I took go awry in some way, but I wasn’t able to sleep on the plane and was in desperate need of sleep (24 hours of solid travel can do that to a girl, amiright?).


I arrived in Dangeau, France in one piece and dragged myself through the first evening’s activities before calling it an early night. The next day, I awoke at 4am (#jetlag) and went downstairs to raid the kitchen for food and coffee and do some sketching. Everything was going well until I sat down to work on the small blind commissions I took on as a part of this trip.

I started working but, it felt forced. I didn't want to work. I wanted to rest. I needed to rest. So I listened to myself and I rested. I allowed myself to be cared for and cooked for. I sat out in the afternoon sun and soaked in the quiet. I took a long walk around the grounds with my camera to capture the beauty all around me. That was good enough.

I was able to eek out the commissions the next day (after all, these people paid me to work, so I wanted to show up for them), but all the other work I had planned got tossed completely out the window.

I realized I needed to plug the hole in my creativity bucket and take the time to let it fill without draining it in tandem.

A friend of mine posted on Instagram last week about goals. The gist of her post was about setting micro-goals: things that can easily be accomplished that are in line with your core values. I am beginning to realize that while I like (and, quite frankly, need) to have goals for myself and my business, I also need to set “rest” goals: time to decompress, be quiet, listen to my inner voice, be cared for, and find inspiration.

Yes, I have a to-do list a mile long for my business. But am I going to overwork and exhaust myself trying to accomplish a big goal in a timeline that I have ultimate control over? NO. Things can wait. Things will get finished.

Rest is not a 4-letter word. It’s okay. Everything will turn out just fine.

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