Daydream I - Framed Original Painted Collage

Daydream I - Framed Original Painted Collage


“How can we remember our past? Do the memories come through as lived, or are they slightly rewritten, somewhat like a game of “Telephone”? Bits and pieces fragmented and reassembled. Do we see what we want to see or what we need to see?

This series came together as I reflected on memories from my childhood and at the same time created new memories with my own child…at the very same places. Time overlaps. Could the sand I’m holding in my hand be the same that I held 30 years ago? I’ll never know, but the mystery is often the best part of living.”

16” x 20” hand-painted, cut paper collage on Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper. This paper has a beautiful deckled edge all the way around. Float-mounted using archival materials inside of a minimalistic white frame.

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