French Souvenir

French Souvenir


In French, “souvenir” means “to remember”.

I’ll be traveling to Paris and the Loire Valley in France in early September for a creative retreat (first photo here is of the château I’m staying in for the first few days; I’ll be ending my trip in Paris, staying in the Marais) and I’d love to send you a souvenir from my trip. I’ll be documenting my experience as I go, taking visual notes in paint, graphite, and any materials I pick up in French art supply shops along the way.

What you’ll receive:

An original 5”x7” piece created by me during my stay in the heart of France. Inspired directly by what I’m experiencing in the moment, these pieces will follow a similar style to past works. Choose between two styles: abstract and illustrative (see product thumbnails for examples).

The catch:

These pieces are “blind”. In other words, you won’t know what you’re going to receive. Sound scary? This experience is not for you. Stoked for a surprise in the mail? If you’re a fan of my work, I guarantee you’ll love participating in this experience.

The fine print:

Pieces will be painted by me in France between September 10th - 15th, 2018 and mailed directly to you from Paris, France (unless they yell at me in the French post office and make me cry…in which case, I’ll mail them when I’m back in the States).

Shipping is included in the price (hooray!) Make sure to use code “SOUVENIR*” at checkout to apply the free shipping to this order.

The subject matter and medium will be a surprise. 

*code only applies to this product. If you are ordering multiple products including a Souvenir, I will invoice you separately for the shipping cost on other items.

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