BLT Wraps with Horseradish Mayo

original recipe

I once heard someone say that the safest sandwich you can order (anywhere) is a club sandwich.

I disagree.

With a club, you risk gelatinous sliced turkey, rubbery cheese (if included), and a sandwich often so tall that it won’t even fit into your mouth. Not to mention that toothpick that often hides in the center of the sandwich, quietly lying in wait, ready to puncture the roof of your mouth like a silent samurai. To this I say nay.

Get rid of the deli meat. Get rid of the cheese. Keep only the bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Ahhhh….now you’re talking. B-freakin-LT.

Give me a BLT any day and I will be happy.

Now is there the question of seasonality and I agree with Adam and Chris here as they talk about making BLTs at home only during peak tomato season. But, living in California, the season is long (last year, I had cherry tomatoes growing out back until December. December!), so I feel pretty okay indulging in my BLT obsession for at least half the year. But ordering one? 365, baby.

Okay, so…a BLT wrap?

I’m gonna be honest here say that I’m NOT making this as a wrap. I want the crunchy/soft griddled bread. I want the three slices of bacon and that one giant center slice of August heirloom tomato (Cherokee Purple, thanks), I want the green leaf lettuce leaf that cradles the tomato juice against the soft inside of the bread.

But I’ll tell you what I will take from this recipe: the added basil and that horseradish mayo. Give. Me. That.

Just give it to me as a sandwich, okay?

Illustrated ingredients: bread, bacon, mayo, lemon, horseradish, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, basil.

Kayla King100dayproject