Coconut Cold Brew Coffee

original recipe

I used to work for a packaging and digital design studio that specialized in creating work for the wine, beer, and spirits industry. If that seems as fun as it sounds…you’re right.

There was the creative team: a rag-tag bunch of weirdos that somehow all seemed to fit together like the pieces of a homemade jigsaw puzzle (that is to say, everyone had their quirks, but we felt like family).

There was the space: well-designed. Invested in. Perched on the edge of a creek with plants all around, both inside and out. It felt like working in a jungle in the best of ways. Creativity practically oozed out of the cracks of that building.

And there were the perks: weekly, if not daily, booze tastings (hey, it was part of the research process!), invitations to industry events, a fully stocked fridge and snack cupboard, and of course…the nitro cold brew on tap.

That’s the stuff that’ll keep you going until the wee hours of the night when you’re trying to get the details of a package juuuuuust right. It’s the stuff that someone in the studio always had or was going downstairs to get and hey, can you grab one for me while you’re down there? Thanks! It’s what we poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream from the carton of Trader Joe’s French Vanilla that was somehow always in the freezer (next to the package of It’s Its and the bottle of vodka). It was always consumed from either a stemless wine glass or a mason jar. No exceptions.

When I left that job to be home with my son full time for awhile, it was, of course, the people that I missed the most. The random jokes and the Slack channel that was complete nonsense and entirely full of gifs. The camaraderie and the 3pm Thrifty’s ice cream runs. The annual team halloween costume theme and the summer field trip.

But damn it if I don’t also miss that cold brew.

And while there’s no way to replace the day-to-day of that group or beat the immediacy of nitro cold brew on tap, making a big ass batch of this coconut cold brew sure seems like a good place to start.

Illustrated ingredients: coffee beans, shredded coconut, milk, maple syrup